Navigating the Path to Success: Your Vision, Our Expertise.

Create Solutions

Our goal is to help you create solutions and map out strategies to expand your reach and fund your vision.  We can help you get your message to the right people and then share it in a way that motivates new friends to come alongside of your organization.

Address Challenges and Opportunities

We understand that as your organization grows, that growth also brings with it new challenges and opportunities that require the right information so that you can make the right decisions.  At Direct Path, our team has decades of proven, real-world experience in the non-profit space, so we can help you make those decisions and confidently embrace those opportunities.

Make Your Message Stand Out

One of the great challenges that many organizations face is funding the vision and sustaining growth.  The truth is any inspired vision will always seem bigger than you – but with the right help and direction, it’s not.  Our experience gives us the unique ability to stand with you in today’s changing world and help you clearly communicate your vision and develop effective strategies that will help your message stand out.  What this means to you is that with our help, you can spend more time living out your vision and less time worrying about how to make it happen!

Direct Path Consulting & Services

Donor Development

Our initial approach to helping to develop a file of supporters starts with understanding what makes you unique and how you like to communicate.

Everything that we do is based on a strategic growth plan that is built specifically for your organization.  We will never direct you into a ‘cookie-cutter’ solution because we know that every campaign needs to reflect your core values and vision.

We believe that the most successful growth campaigns will combine your messaging with industry-proven strategies, top-level data analysis, and bold creativity.  This is where the rubber meets the road – and our team at Direct Path does this every day, with a proven track record of success.

Our services include:

Donor Acquisition

We understand that meeting new donors who believe in your cause is an essential part of the continued growth of your organization.  We specialize in designing and implementing such donor acquisition programs through a variety of platforms, including Direct Mail, Broadcast and Digital Media.

Friend Raising

Some people think raising the needed support is fund-raising.  We believe that the best long-term results are to treat that effort as FRIEND raising!  In that way, our combined efforts are focused on building a lasting and ongoing relationship with your donors and challenging them to continue to invest in the organization’s outreaches. 

Monthly Giving Programs

One of the keys to sustained organizational growth in any healthy non-profit is implementing a Monthly Giving Program where your most engaged donors are encouraged to make their giving automatic.  We can help you design and implement a recurring-gift program.  We can help you identify the right people to target, AND we can help you track the ongoing results.

Major Donor Programs

Your top donors need to be identified and communicated with on a more personal level.  You’ve probably heard the adage that “20% of the people will give 80% of the money.”  Well, there’s a lot of truth to that statement.  We can provide your team with all the tools that you need to effectively identify, communicate, and care for these special people.

Donor Reactivation

There’s an old saying, “It’s easier to get back an old customer than it is to acquire a new one.” Well, this is true in the donor world, too.  The truth is, every organization loses donors, which makes the ability to recognize a lapsing donor and recapture their interest before it is too late one of the keys to continued growth.  We can help with proven strategies to reduce donor attrition.

Organizational Development

Every organization has different needs, AND sometimes the process of implementing the changes needed for next-level growth can be difficult.  On request, we can consult on such issues as organizational structure and staffing etc. where such matters could influence overall growth strategy. 

Direct Marketing

Direct Mail

The truth is most of the highly successful non-profit organizations in the United States are still raising the majority of their money through the mail.  In many cases, the financial impact of the mail accounts for upwards of 60% of the organization’s income.

We can help you write, design, and produce emotionally compelling mail pieces that tell your story and get results.  We have developed custom software to help ensure every project is on time and in the approved budget.

Email Communication

We provide a full range of email marketing solutions to help you create, manage, and follow the journey of your email communication.

Digital Services

Digital Marketing

In today’s age, digital marketing is more important than ever.  With the right digital marketing strategies, you can connect with potential supporters, engage with your current ones, and encourage them to take action in support of your cause. From email marketing to social media advertising there are a variety of methods to connect with your target audience in a meaningful way. We can help you effectively leverage a wide variety of tools and platforms to achieve your organization’s goals.

Multi-Platform Digital Strategy

While digital marketing can be a powerful tool, success is typically found through a coordinated, multi-platform approach.  By leveraging the strengths of each platform and integrating them into a cohesive strategy, we can help you achieve your objectives, whether it is lead generation, donor acquisition, or engagement or event promotion.

Social Media

We provide full service Social Media account management and maintenance, 24/7 comment moderation, as well as the creation and scheduling of posts. 

Digital Acquisition

We understand for an organization to grow, acquiring new donors is essential, and our expertise in the digital arena has helped organizations acquire new donors, reactivate lapsed donors, and increase engagement.

Website Design & E-Commerce

Website Design and Management

Your website is one of the very first touch points that your organization will have with potential donors.  That’s why we offer comprehensive website design that will help you put your best foot forward.

Website Optimization

Whether we build your website, or you already have one, understanding how to optimize it is the key to helping people find your organization on the web.  Our expertise in this area will help your site to be ranked favorably on the largest search engines in the world such as Google and Yahoo.

Website Hosting

If you are planning on creating an online presence, reliable, fast, secure web hosting is essential if you want your website to function seamlessly and provide the best experience for your visitors.  This is an area in which we specialize.


E-Commerce is what you are doing every time you take a donation online, or someone puts one of your resources in their shopping cart.  It seems simple enough, but in today’s world of computers, tablets, and smartphones, the way you engage and communicate with everyone who donates or supports your work financially is vital.  Simply put, we can help you build and implement confirmation pages, email receipts, and campaign-specific landing pages.

Direct Path Consulting & Services

Broadcast Media

We have many years of experience in serving organizations that actively use broadcast media for donor acquisition and development.  The actual programs aired include regularly syndicated broadcasts, one-time-only (Infomercial) style programs and narrow cast or Connected-TV (CTV) style spots and programs.

We can assist with everything from helping your organization select topics that will resonate with your audience, to crafting the Call to Action (CTA) in a way that will both drive initial response to your program and maximize the long-term connection and value of your new donors.

We understand the key metrics that are needed for a successful media campaign.  We have developed robust financial models that can help measure the financial viability and break-even period of a media campaign.  We can help you identify and improve on the key elements that are critical for long-term success.

One-Stop Solution

Our goal at Direct Path is to take care of the “HOW,” freeing you to focus on the “WHY”…namely, your cause.  In short, that means we offer help wherever and however needed.  

Our services are provided on an à la carte basis.  For some, that means we are a full-service provider; for others, we provide solutions that address a particular area of need.  We have a well-developed and carefully curated group of trusted service partners that can fill most any area of need. 

One of these partners is DP Resources, who can provide a full-suite of back-office donor accounting solutions, including Caging, Data Processing, Order Fulfillment, and Database Management Services.

In short, no matter the pain point for your organization, we likely have a proven solution in place.

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