Mailing & Marketing

Marketing and communications solutions that increase exposure and effective reach.

Direct Mail

We have written, designed and produced literally thousands of different mail pieces.  Some have been mailed to 1,000,000 people – others to 100.  So no client database is too large or none too small with which to start! We not only write, design and produce the packages, we also provide analysis and detailed recommendations for improvement of their cost effectiveness.

Product Design and Manufacture

We can, on request, assist in the development of a wide range of products, including books, CD and DVD series and more. We can handle the writing, design and production of books and the production of audio and video projects/products. In addition, dpc&s has the relationships with a range of vendors to help you develop donor appreciation gifts in a cost effective manner. We can help you offer high quality, meaningful, and creative gifts/products that will make a lasting positive impression with your donors.

Providing consulting, data processing and mailing services