Where the rubber meets the road: dpc&s is leading the way in providing quality fundraising and donor solutions.

Fund-Raising Strategy

How should you coordinate and maximize your fund-raising efforts between multiple media channels? What is the most effective way to do so? How does the mail, the Internet and media work together to maximize the funds raised? These are typical of the strategic questions that are asked and answered as part of the overarching campaign direction. We know that your organization has a vision for what the future could be. dpc&s can help you turn that vision into reality!

Developing Plans for Growth

Each activity is based on a strategic growth plan. We consult with our clients to develop a plan, which is monitored and adjusted as results and the environment dictate. All of our marketing advice is prepared for the individual client. We will never try to put your ministry in some sort of cookie-cutter mold. At dpc&s we recognize that your organization is unique and that every marketing campaign and program must reflect your core values and vision.

Donor Acquisition

We design donor acquisition programs using Direct Mail, TV and the web. We can design and implement such programs from concept to completion.

Donor Development

The process of moving a first-time inquirer into a long-term supporter requires planning and experience. We know how hard you work to acquire every new friend, and we also know how important it is to build a relationship with every individual who gives to your organization. Our team can make recommendations based on years of experience, help you implement the plan and then monitor the results.

Donor Reactivation

There is an old axiom: “it’s easier to get back an old customer than it is to acquire a new one.” This holds true in the donor world, too. We work to spot the lapsing donor and then put plans in place to ensure that every effort is made to maintain the relationship. Every organization loses donors – but one of the keys to continued growth is the ability to recapture and hold the interest and heart of people who have given to your cause in the past. We can help with proven strategies to reduce donor attrition.

Developing Major Donor Programs

Major donors need to be identified and cultivated. It’s long been said that, “20% of the people will give 80% of the money.” At dpc&s we can provide you with all the tools for you to run your “Care Department” or we can provide those services as needed. We understand the process of major donor cultivation, and we can work with your organization to provide excellent care to this group.

Providing consulting, data processing and mailing services